Review movie Chaos Walking – When men are noisier than women


If old people used to say "three women make a market". So when you watch Chaos Walking, you will notice that three men can form a whole huge supermarket.

Review of movie content

The Chaos Walking is adapted from the best-selling novel The Knife Of Never Letting by Patrick Ness. The story is about a teenager Todd who lives with his father and uncle on a planet far from Earth. This is a planet in the universe that people migrated to many years ago when the earth was no longer an ideal place to live.

The strange thing in this land is that all men have Noise, the thoughts in their heads are constantly being said outside, making others know what they are thinking. There aren't many women, but there aren't any living women either, at least not in Todd's town.

Todd is already a 20-year-old boy, but he is still quite naive because he has always been carefully protected by his father and uncle since he was a child. Moreover, Todd also has no control over his Noise, everything that comes into his head is seen by everyone. Therefore, even though he tried very hard to protect the new Viola friend, he quickly leaked the information, causing the mayor to mobilize people in the town to pursue Viola.

With a kind nature and with the help of his father, Todd helps Viola escape and the two embark on an adventure to a new land to help Viola make contact with her spaceship. The trip helped Todd discover terrible secrets that he had never known before.

Chaos Walking is an adventure movie with familiar colors that are often found in many teen movies. There, people who did not have sympathy for each other but after standing shoulder to shoulder to overcome difficulties and tribulations, became close friends and even fell in love. So is the chaotic planet.

With the ability to express his thoughts perfectly, it was impossible to hide Todd's ability to make the audience laugh and roll around in the theater many times. Especially in the scenes where he tries to say one thing but Nhieu says another, it's like hitting his leg with a rock.

The idea of Noise in the Chaos Walking is quite new and interesting. Women were often considered difficult to understand before, but in this film, it becomes even more mysterious. Because they aren’t affected by interference. On the contrary, they can completely change what the men next to them are thinking. Therefore, if a man does not control his thoughts well, it will be like being stripped of his clothes when standing in front of a woman.

Since then, Chaos Walking brings the message that people are always afraid of what they don't know. For the gentle, kind people it is not too difficult to accept. But for those who are selfish, have bad thoughts, they will find ways to eliminate their danger. So in this life must learn to trust and love each other to have a better life.

Chaos Walking is considered a pretty good movie when it comes to exploiting a novel idea. But the movie script is still quite safe, has not made impressive turns to attract the audience to each beat of the film. If the screenwriter can create more dramatic, tense, and unexpected details, the film will certainly be a lot more attractive.

Review of actors and acting

Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley, Mads Mikkelsen, or Nick Jonas are Hollywood's A-listers featured in this work. But apart from the acting land of Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley, other characters do not have the opportunity to show their full acting talent. Especially Nick Jonas, whose acting is so small and tragic, that there are only less than 10 lines of dialogue for nearly 2 hours.

The face that makes the most impression is Tom Holland. With a cute face available, plus extremely lovely thoughts and contrary to words, Spider-Man brought the audience a lot of interesting laughter.

Review of sound and picture

Chaos Walking has been very successful in creating images of Noise. However, that's all that the e-kip can do best in terms of technical skills. It seems that the film has a relatively small budget, so the visuals are not as satisfying as many other fantasy films. Not only that, the sound part is not focused, so it does not leave much impression on the audience.

However, it is still undeniable that “Chaos Walking” is quite an entertaining movie that helps viewers learn to trust those around them more.