Review movie Come Play


Come Play is one of the few horror films that Cinema has followed with a beautiful and emotional ending.

Review of movie content

The main character of Come Play is Oliver - a boy who is slow to speak. Although he has gone to elementary school still cannot pronounce a word. Perhaps that's why Oliver doesn't have any friends. The boy spends all day looking for games to entertain himself, such as watching mischievous Sponge.

One day on Oliver's phone screen suddenly appeared a story about Larry. It is a lonely demon without any friends. He through the screen wants to befriend Oliver. Oliver accidentally brought him to this world but refused to befriend him, so the demon constantly harassed Oliver, his friends, and his family.

The content of Come Play is quite simple, focusing on wanting to pass on to parents and children should not play too much on the phone. Because the phone is like a demon, there are a lot of bad things that can harm the little ones. The image of the demon is built here as an extremely evil thing to scare the little ones and thereby reduce the time playing the phone.

The horror element in the film is quite gentle, probably because the film is for children over 13 years old. The demon almost only appears in the dark, causing no harm to others, so apart from a bit of horror at first, it is not enough to make the audience get goosebumps when watching the movie. Especially for those of you who have watched too many horror movies, Devil's Friends is more like an entertaining movie.

The devil reminds parents not to think of themselves as adults, having the right to decide everything about their children. Because sometimes what adults want is not necessarily the same as children, so it will inadvertently deprive children of rights such as the freedom to make friends.

The way to develop the story of Devil Friends is not too special. However, there is a very well-constructed ending. Most horror movies will be built in the way, if after defeating the demon but the movie is not over, then surely the demon will continue to come back and do the monster again. So is the demon friend, but the return of the demon friend has given Oliver another chance to speak love, something he has never been able to do since birth.

This is the ending that makes the Cinema very touching and is also the most valuable detail that makes the Cinema review this work quite gently, even though the film does not make an impression during nearly 100 minutes of film length.

Review of actors and acting

The cast of Devil's Friends is not a prominent face of the movie world. Therefore, the acting ability of all the actors is at an acceptable level, no character is outstanding.

Still, praise should be given to Azhy Robertson's portrayal of Oliver. Taking on a role without the ability to talk, using only words and expressions to express the character's feelings. The boy has quite good eye handling and body language, giving the audience a feeling of helplessness when he can't talk and is lonely because he doesn't have any friends.

Review of sound and picture

The picture and sound of You Devil, Cinema rated at average. The film mainly uses dark frames to create creepy and scary effects. However, because there were no surprises, along with the too faint monster image, the image did not leave an impression on the audience.

The sound part does not seem to be invested too much. The sound system in the theater does not support scenes that require the effect of scaring the audience. All just average.

You Demon is currently showing in cinemas nationwide. You can consider it before going to the theater. And if you follow this work, then please share your review with Cinema under this article.