Review movie The Devil's Hand - a temporary psychological thriller from Korea


Director: Kim Joo-Hwan,

Performer: Park Seo-Joon, Ahn Sung Ki, Woo Do Hwan, Choi Woo-Sik.

Time: 128 minutes

Category:  Horror, Action.

Based on the title, many movies have the name "Devil's Hand" it also is in the horror genre. But the movie in theaters right now is The Divine Fury (Devil's Hand) from the land of Kim Chi, everyone.

Review of content

Following the familiar timeline of Korean movies, the film also begins with the past of the character Yong Hoo. Who would have thought that just after the shift, the police father he loved so much passed away while on duty. Since then, he became a cold person and no longer believed in God because he thought that God just stood still and watched his father die unjustly.

As an adult, Yong Hoo became a world-class boxer. He is still haunted by symbols associated with Christianity and becomes unfounded.

On a not-so-good day, his palm was injured. After going to the doctor to the exorcist and experiencing the killing of demons with the palm of his hand, Yong Hoo realized an ironic truth that: A person who does not believe in God like him has a mission. in the name of God to destroy the devil.

The model of a character like Yong Hoo is not a pervert who goes down the devil's path, although demons surround him with countless numbers. Yong Hoo's nature is gentle and honest, but because he is too stubborn and doesn't think clearly, hatred weighs on his heart.

On the way to exorcise demons and meet Ahn's father, he has found his true self for a long time buried in the black hole of anger. Becoming a "reluctant" exorcist, he traveled from one victim's location to another and eventually ended up at the main villain's bar. This narrative is quite rambling and lengthy. Condensed movies shorter than 2 hours would be much better.

The line of villains led by Shadow Bishop Ji Sin plays out enough evil tricks to offer their holy souls to the Serpent Demon. At first, it was still interesting, but later on, it became more and more breathless. The "final boss" image looks cool but looks like a fake version of Aquaman.

Focusing on the father-son relationship, teacher-student relationship, religious faith, and male violence, the film forgets to build memorable female characters. They become weak supporting characters and blind victims of bad luck.

If The Divine Fury (Devil's Hand) removes the horror in the film, without exaggerating any demons, the film still becomes a work that understands the human psyche. As life goes by day by day, we get bogged down in our sad past, hatred, and greed. Those are the invisible demons that are choking our souls. Only the light of faith and love can dispel the darkness.

If you look at the whole, the film completely deserves to be on the shelves of good contemporary Korean films. But unfortunately, these ideas of the film are clever patchwork from many other famous European and American films with the guise of an oriental setting. And if you don't pay attention to that, you can still go to the theater with peace of mind because this is a relatively quality movie.

Rating of actors and acting

Do you remember the "golden friend couple" in Parasite introducing jobs to each other but killing the whole rich man who embraced Oscar completely? None other than Seo-Joon Park and Woo-Sik Choi. This time, they reunited but swapped the main and supporting roles.

Seo-Joon Park has proven that he is not someone who is confined to handsome roles like in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim or Itaewon. He can perform bloody action and fight with his eyes. But in terms of ability, he still has to act in many similar movies to improve his acting ability. In the movie, there are still some stiff expressions and taking the beauty of a model's body to save the acting.

Woo Do-Hwan taking on the main villain role seems a bit overwhelming for him. The innocent babyface, even though it tries to appear cruel, still makes the audience feel cute.

In return, the extra demons scare the real audience. Not from the visual effects, but from the crazy acting and filming style of spiritual horror.

The older actors in the role of the two close fathers of the male lead touched the audience with simple but also philosophical scenes of everyday life.

Review of sound and picture

As mentioned above, the film's editing is at a good level. There are scenes with heavy artistic light-dark elements.

However, the techniques of the demons are not scary and still follow the old path quite similar to the usual scary movies. This somewhat affects the experience of a heavy psychological horror movie.

Instead of focusing on loud, action-packed soundtracks, the film invests in bible readings that ward off demons. This part should have been in the writing and acting, but given the importance of these recitations, it can still be counted on to the film's excellent sound.

In short, Cinema found that The Divine Fury (Devil's Hand) is a safe choice for audiences this week. And if you are too strict, you will find that the film "steals" many ideas from other international films.