Review movie Hereditary–Genetics


Duration:  127 minutes

Directed by:  Ari Aster

Actors:  Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne, Milly Shapiro.

Genre: Horror, Psychological

Hereditary–Genetics is one of the best-rated horror films of 2018. Let's review this movie together and analyze the interesting points of this haunting movie.


The film follows the tragedy of the Graham family, starting with the death of her grandmother Ellen. This sadness did not last long when the youngest daughter, Charlie, once went to a party with her brother Peter, ate peanut cake, and had an allergic reaction. Peter rushed Charlie to the hospital, but a terrible accident happened: Charlie died on the spot. Too distressed with this death and the pressure of work, the mother Annie had to use the method of summoning to talk to her daughter. However, this work invisibly caused her, her husband - Steve, and Peter to face a dark force through the inexplicable phenomena that kept happening to them.

To be honest, the movie's pace is quite slow, 2 hours have passed and if you are not patient, you may have turned off the movie from 40-50 minutes. So what makes the reviewer have to sit back and watch the whole movie? I don't know either but I feel curious, wondering what will happen and what the genetic name means. Many of you who have finished watching the movie probably don't understand what the movie is about but don't worry, I will have an explanation and analysis of the movie for you to understand better.

Unlike the filmmakers of the Conjuring universe, Hereditary does not have Jump-scared phases that startle the audience but instead creates a sense of fear through haunting images as well as a little more gore that makes you several times almost rubbed because of the horror. In my opinion, the way to create fear with "reminiscent" images has a longer effect than jump-scared, for example, when I was a child watching Bao Thanh Thien's youth movie, there was nothing scary, but it was always showing scary images. like a headless man riding horseback, making many young people not dare to pee before going to bed. Hereditary too.

The film is only really attractive about the last 30 minutes of the movie when the false truths between illusion and reality are removed and we see the film has the presence of a truly powerful demonic force. To feel the beauty of the movie, perhaps you should finish watching, ponder a little and then read this review, then I think you will have the best experience. Addicted to the review rating 8/10 for this part because the director and screenwriter of the movie Ari Aster have had an excellent debut work.

Image and sound:

In this part, I give a quick general assessment to focus on explaining the movie. To analyze all the good visuals of the movie, maybe the review addiction is not enough because Ari's filmmaking has something that reminds me of Zack Snyder when they integrate too many metaphorical images in the film. each movie scene.

From Paimon 's badge to the image of a bird with its head cut off, the writing on the wall, the dummies or miniature models that Annie designed, etc., all carry symbolic meaning and are closely linked. closely with other images in the film. The sound of the film uses the main instrument, the Violin, which makes the film feel very poignant and scary. This part is rated 7/10 but because there are still many things not understood, so I rate it 8/10 because the more difficult it is to understand, the more interesting it is, right.


The characters in the film all have something ghostly or even perverted that makes it unclear to the viewer whether they are possessed by ghosts or something. The best performance belongs to actress Toni Collette as the mother Annie when she has transformed herself so well into the image of a middle-aged woman going through the pain of life and the contradictions in her person. . The part where she talks about her pent ups to her son, not many actors can portray it as well as she did.

The role of Peter played by the boy Alex Wolff also brings an attractive color to the film. This guy does not have a shiny appearance but has a distinctive feature when he resembles an Indian with a recognizable mole on his face. The scene where he was possessed by demons at school from banging his head on the desk is also a testament to Alex's acting peak.

The face that haunts me the most in the movie is probably the little girl Charlie played by Milly Shapiro. In real life, looking at how cute and lovely the girl is, on the film with makeup technology, she haunts viewers with a strange face, looking like it is torn and painful by the torture of the devil that every day. In general, the acting part of the review is also rated 8/10.

In short, Hereditary is a new set of directions for the current horror genre. If you understand what the movie says, you will find it extremely attractive, but if you want a purely entertaining movie, you will probably be very disappointed. I feel that the film is more haunting and psychological, so it will make viewers remember it longer. So why not try Hereditary – Genetics?