Review movie Incendies (2010): The ending is so hauntingly haunting

Duration: 121 minutes

Directed by: Denis Villeneuve

Performer: Lubna Azabal , Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin , Maxim Gaudette

Country: Canada

Genre: Violent, Adventure, Fantasy

Premiere: 2010

What is the most shocking socio-psychological movie you have seen recently? Surely for many of you, it is the movie Parasite – Parasite (2019), right? However, with review addiction, it is Incendies (2010) of Canadian cinema. This movie is nothing too special, even the content of the movie can make viewers bored and want to quit halfway through the movie. However, if you patiently watch until the end of the movie, you will get an extremely, extremely haunting ending. Come on, let's get addicted to movie review Incendies (2010) to find out where the special point of this movie comes from!


After his death, Nawal Marwan left a will for his twin children Jeanne Marwan and Simon Marwan. Accordingly, Mrs. Marwan wanted the two to find their father and brother without their knowledge. Experiencing long distances and an extremely difficult searching process, the two sisters finally found the place where their mother was born and raised and gradually unraveled the mystery of a miserable life. of the mother. Watch the movie to learn more about this secret discovery journey.

Incendies (2010) has an opening that creates curiosity for the audience when making the audience sympathize with the twin sisters because they were given a rather strange task by the deceased mother about relatives but I never knew. . It is such an opening that creates a series of questions and assumptions in the minds of viewers, thereby prompting them to attentively follow the journey of the main characters and wait for the deep secrets as advertised. ba.

Incentives (2010) narrative weaves between past and present, with one timeline telling the story of the mother and the other telling the son's journey of discovery. For each place, each person that the child goes to, the film will tell a sample of the mother's past story related to those clues. Then, in the end, the two timelines merged into one and the audience burst into amazement at the unexpected ending.

Indeed with Incendies (2010), the best point of the film lies in the ending, in the deep secret of the mother. Please note, this is a socio-psychological film, so the plot twist of the film is not a sharp turn like a normal action or detective movie, it is just revealing a secret but the shock it brings. is so huge, that you have to scream with astonishment and incredible disbelief. Knowing the ending, you will reflect on Nawal Marwan's entire life story and feel so sorry for what she had to go through and endure.

If it is not so diverse topics as the film In the better world (2010), perhaps Incendies (2010) won the Oscar for foreign language most outstanding of the Oscars 83rd then you NS. In addition to the shocking ending mentioned above, the film also exposes war crimes, religious disagreements, and the hardships that political prisoners have to go through. Indeed, the film has scenes that make you surprised by the nakedness, surprise, and pain that war brings to innocent people.

Not only that, but Incendies (2010) also praised the courage of women. They dare to live beyond the rituals and rules, dare to stand up against the powerful, fight for the ideals and those who love the world. Most importantly, they have boundless altruism and an extraordinary amount of resignation. All the most beautiful qualities of a woman are portrayed in a very gentle, natural, and precious way through the image of the mother Nawal Marwan.

However, Incendies (2010) is not an easy movie to watch because, for about two-thirds of the movie's duration, everything goes on smoothly, across a line without any climax or highlight to pull you in. out of boredom. Besides, the film also has many confusing things and it is not until the end when things gradually clear up, that you begin to string together and explain the things that are still confusing. Therefore, to be able to feel the shocking ending of the movie requires a great deal of patience when watching.

To be able to feel the movie Incendies (2010) in the best way, perhaps you just need to read the above things of Addiction review and then find the movie to watch. The film isn't for everyone, but from an artistic perspective, it's easy to see why it's so critically acclaimed. The reviewer is quite fond of the movie's content, so I give this part 8/10, guys.

Image – Sound :

 Incendies (2010) was produced and released more than a decade ago, so compared to the present, the film color, shooting angles, and effects are all normal. However, the film still has beautiful scenes and haunting killing scenes. The sound of the film is quite suitable for the look and content, but it has not had a highlight and left many impressions in the hearts of viewers. Therefore, the review rated this part 7.5/10 guys.


This is the first time I've enjoyed a Canadian movie with very strange faces. However, the film's cast had a very convincing performance, extremely absorbed with very natural expressions, thereby creating a small attraction, helping the audience to ignore the boredom and try to watch the whole movie. The reviewer is also very impressed with Incendies (2010)'s ability to cast and choose characters, especially the role of the Marwan mother and daughter because they are surprisingly similar and the gaze is amazing. That's why I'm addicted to reviewing the acting part 8/10.

In short, Incendies (2010) is a socio-psychological film with an unbelievable ending and surprising the audience when finished. The film reflects a lot of things related to society, war, religion and especially honors the image of women. Not everyone can watch and love this movie, but if you patiently watch until the last minute of the movie, I believe you will get what you deserve during more than 120 minutes of movie time.