Review Movie Joker (2019)


Duration: 120 minutes

Directed by: Todd Phillips

Actors: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro ,  Zazie Beetz

Country:  USA

Genre: Crime, Psychological, Drama

Premiere: October 6, 2019

Joker is a name that is so famous and familiar to popular culture through comic books, movies, television and mentions Heath Ledger's brilliant role in The Dark Knight (2008). This villain - Batman's number 1 enemy, was created nearly 80 years ago, but just mentioning the Joker, people still have to give him a lot of praise.

This year, the film about the origin of the Clown Prince was officially released in theaters, bringing a lot of mixed opinions, compliments, and criticisms of critics and moviegoers. Come on, let's review and explain Joker's movie (2019) to have a more multi-dimensional view of this movie. This article will also have a 2-part structure, the first part is the movie review (without revealing the movie content), and the second part is the movie explanation (with spoilers).


Joker introduces viewers to a young Arthur Fleck with dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian, living with his aging mother in a run-down apartment building, and earning a living by playing the role of children. They have suffered from a neurological disease.  Their life always meets with misfortune. Arthur's faith in people is gradually lost day by day. Therefore, Arthur changed, became crazy, and officially became the " Prince of Crime " of Gotham - Joker.

Reading the plot summary like above spoils all the content, what else is there? The plot of the movie is as simple as that and through the 2 trailers of the film, we can completely read all the things that the new review addict summarizes above. Although the content is only that, the beauty of the film is to exploit the small details in this overall main plot to depict the Joker's inner and psychological changes as well as leave countless questions for people. to watch.

The questions that Ghin review mentioned above are not brain-hacking, but they will confuse viewers. Not to mention that the Vietnamese slide was cut with 3 scenes because it contained violent content and promoted crime, making this confusion even more urgent. This is the result of the producers cleverly building the film's structure into many layers that are interwoven not in chronological order so that extreme surprises and shocks will come to the audience when each layer is completely disassembled.

The reason the film chooses such a structure is that the essence of the film is the point of view of Arthur, a poor boy who has lost faith in life and feels like he doesn't exist. Therefore, there will be illusions, better wishes from his own eyes besides a harsh naked reality that Arthur is experiencing. Therefore, you need to be patient and focused when watching this movie otherwise all you go through in 2 hours will be tedious, boring, lacking climax and entertaining action.

The division of praise and criticism towards Joker (2019) mainly comes from 2 factors. The first is that the film's content is inherently very simple, inclined to depict the alienation in Arthur's ego in the most ordinary way, without any superhero, magic, and powerful elements like current films. Today or yes, that's why the entertainment of the movie will be very low for many people. In contrast, anyone who feels the film's flow and especially has been beaten by life a few times will only respond with one sentence: "Good movie".

The second factor causing the division of opinions is the promotion of violence and the glorification of evil. We completely sympathize and pity Arthur's grim fate but undeniably the Joker is still an evil villain with his philosophies. However, in the end, the film is just a work of art, a mirror, reflecting the reality of life, so worrying about Joker (2019) will bring negative thoughts and influences for society is a bit excessive and personalizing the problem, because looking at the bad, we can also know that it is not good to avoid, rather than to imitate, follow.

Returning to the plot of the film, Joker (2019) is inspired by and grateful for a lot of classic movies of world cinema, but the film still ensures its quality. Personally, review addicts feel that the film has a very strange charm, no effects, no explosions, just the life story of an American man in the 80s, but it makes it difficult for the audience to take their eyes off the screen. every 1s.

Review addicts also do not want to compare Joker (2019) and Joker (2008) in The Dark Knight because the context and movie story is completely different. Don't put your expectations on this movie too high, don't expect it to be a mind-bending movie full of intrigue with many interesting philosophies. Instead, the film is just his life story " Joker" in Gotham City.

The beauty of cinema is that it brings emotions to the viewer. For Joker (2019), it's not fun and laughter (some episodes are also funny), it does not tear because of emotions, but it's shock, surprise, and confusion in the head. when finished watching. The meaning of the film will be felt by each person for themselves and the good or bad will be judged by each of us. As for the review, the movie plot deserves 8/10.


 Set in the 80s in the US, Joker (2019) possesses an indescribably beautiful image. Each angle, color, and lightly put on the projection screen are calculated and selected very artistically and visually. The colors of the film are as beautiful as Blade Runner 2049 and John Wick (2019), accurately expressing the character's mood and intentions in the film's context.

The gore phases look very naked, but compared to Deadpool 2, Joker (2019) is much lighter, because the film does not have too many actions and killing scenes. I believe that if the 3 scenes that were cut in Vietnam are still preserved, surely the horror, cruelty, and attractiveness of the film will increase a lot. This section is addicted to the review rating of 9/10 guys.


The sound of the film has something magical, crazy, both painful and joyful when being liberated in it. The old European and American music songs are also integrated extremely delicately and appropriately, making viewers think that this article was written for the movie Joker (2019) or what? Addictive review rating 8.5/10 for the sound of the movie.


Everyone indeed agrees that Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck / Joker deserves an Oscar nomination for best actor. He carried up to 80% of the movie's content on his shoulders and seemed to have completely transformed into the character with the loss of nearly 24kg to bring an impressive Arthur image with pain, madness, and happiness emanating from his heart.

Sometimes seeing Joaquin act a bit exaggerated, but put into the mentality of such a person, is completely acceptable. Arthur's laugh is really what makes the audience remember this character forever because it is extremely unique and haunting. The other actors are all veteran actors in the American film industry, so the acting part of the film can hardly be criticized. So, addicted to reviewing rating 9/10 for the acting of Joker (2019).

In short, Joker (2019) is a psychological movie full of charm and surprisingly everyday life. If you expect the Joker in this movie to be as smart as the Joker in The Dark Knight or the movie will have a lot of explosions and fights, you really shouldn't watch this movie. Go see Joker (2019) as if you were going to enjoy a real movie, don't expect too much, just watch calmly, I believe you will have 2 hours in that exciting theater.