Review Movie Josee: Anime worth watching when you're young

Josee, The Tiger And The Fish (Josee: When the muse fell in love) became a work that brings to the screen many times with countless different versions from live-action to anime. Whichever version you've seen, you shouldn't miss this premiere of the film.

Movies for young people

There is a romantic love story between Tsuneo loves diving and Josee in a wheelchair. But the film did not have a cheesy color right from the beginning, making the audience immersed in the sea of love.

During a night out, Josee's wheelchair malfunctioned causing her to spiral out of control and fall in Tsuneo's arms. That was the fateful moment of the two young people. But they didn't fall in love right away because Josee was clumsy, hard to please, and angry all the time.

Josee's grandmother invited Tsuneo to take care of Josee, helping him earn extra income during his time as a student. It was thought that he would be "as majestic as a toad" when he became the manager of a beautiful girl. But no, he was tortured by Josee to "go to the field".

But with patience and compassion, Tsuneo helps Josee open up to the outside world, no longer think that "everyone is a tiger", become more positive, gentle, and strong.

The common point connecting the two quickly lies in their love of the sea. Tsuneo with a passion for diving nurtures her dream of studying abroad related to oceanography. Although Josee was disabled since childhood, her childhood was connected to the sea from the memory of her father. She sees the whole world as a vast ocean and freely paints imaginary pictures.

But then disaster struck and Tsuneo was also temporarily confined to a wheelchair like Josee. What are they supposed to do when life keeps challenging them?

What makes the film good is to make young people love this life more, not simply sketching a beautiful love. Tsuneo and Josee are proof that we can still live like dreamy fish but still have the determination and drive to move forward.

The main character couple is good, but the movie also has an extremely interesting supporting character cast. Josee's grandmother is as familiar as a real-life grandmother, strict but loves her children with all her heart, especially always respecting their decisions and still ignoring them as if she didn't know anything.

Hayato loves girls and is funny. Mai has a crush on Tsuneo and has a cute conflict with Josee. And Kana is the bridge that helps Josee realize her desire to become an illustrator of children's stories. Even the chubby cat in the movie is adorable.

Great filmmaking technique

This anime version is completely capable of making the audience fall in love. Create cute characters in every frame. Flexible gestures with characteristic drawings and bright colors make the film feel comfortable for viewers.

Every little detail in the film is also meticulously focused such as the leaf falling on the water, the flower fluttering in the wind, the different fins of the fish... The sky, the ground, and the underwater scene all have their beauty. and blend to create a great whole.

The voice acting comes from Japanese actors with high-pitched accents and highs and lows as if they were adventuring in the story.

Traditional Japanese music moved viewers during Josee's grandmother's funeral. The romantic soundtrack also makes the audience flutter.

Josee, The Tiger And The Fish (Josee: When the muse fell in love) is out in theaters now. If you accidentally miss this good movie, Cinema will feel sorry for you. The film is suitable for all ages, watching bears make love more intimate and if FA, watching the movie still has a positive motivation to live.