Review movie Jungle Cruise (2021): Exploring interesting but lackluster


Duration: 127 minutes

Directed by: Jaume Collet-Serra

Actors: Emily Blunt, Dwayne Johnson, Jack Whitehall.

Country: USA

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Adventure.

Premiere: July 30, 2021

Disney theme park is a fun paradise not only for children but also for adults because of the fascinating things in it. The influence of this place is so great that a game in Disneyland was also inspired by the filmmakers to make a movie with the participation of two of today's top Hollywood stars - The Rock and Emily Blunt. Let's review the boat together and discover if Jungle Cruise (2021) will satisfy viewers. Come on, let's get started!


Scientist Lily and her brother MacGregor wanted to find the legendary Nguyet Le petals to make up a cure for everyone, so they went to Brazil, down the Amazon river, and searched for what everyone gave them. this is wild. There, she meets Frank, a crooked but very knowledgeable boatman on the world's second-longest river. The three of them go through many dangers along the way and must escape the pursuit and competition of the notorious tyrant Joachim. Will Nguyet Le exist and our characters can return safely? Watch this film to get the answer.

The interesting point of Jungle Cruise (2021) is to take viewers with the main characters on an adventure throughout the Amazon region to discover the mysteries. The film delights the audience when it combines the advantages of films like Indiana Jones, Jumanji, Tarzan, or The Jungle Book because it brings us surprises and mysteries of wild nature. Curiosity is inherent in human nature, and filmmakers know how to rely on this to make a movie with a simple, even a bit vicious story come to life and appeal. The book is quite powerful for the audience.

Not only causing curiosity, but Jungle Cruise (2021) also brings interesting twists and plot twists, enough to make the audience feel surprised and limit the feeling of boredom when watching the movie. viewers. The elements of fantasy and mythology incorporated into the storyline are quite suitable plus the novelty of the adventures, so it makes the movie more entertaining and worth watching.

Another bright point of the film is the pretty good cast with charms in acting. Both The Rock and Emily Blunt bring new breezes to their roles through their juggling, making Jungle Cruise (2021) more fun, romantic, and less boring. The ending of the film is quite gentle and predictable, but in return, it meets the expectations and makes the audience feel satisfied, like just reading a fairy tale.

However, if you objectively evaluate the quality, Jungle Cruise (2021) is still not good and complete. The film still has a lot of weaknesses in the script, especially the logic and development of the plot. It feels like the screenwriters are stuck with ideas when they are building a good plot, but it feels like the content of the movie is always confused and rotated between the details as well as the factions. The irrationality in the film is very high, unconvincing, and extremely fictitious, so the difficult audience may not easily accept the handling of the situation of Jungle Cruise (2021).

In addition to the light humor and lack of weight to make the audience laugh, the emotional element of the film has not been done in the right place. There isn't any scene that can make you cry or move according to the character's expression. Besides, the villain of Jungle Cruise (2021) is not well built, at first it seems both crazy and evil, but later on, it becomes more and more lacking in salt and forgettable.

Through the film's story, Jungle Cruise (2021) wants to send a message to viewers about the message that you reap what you sow. The film also emphasizes friendship, animal love, and love between couples as well as the courage, bravery, and strength of women, thereby conveying the desire to raise a feminist voice in this era. It period of the 20s of the 20th century. In general, the content of the movie is quite suitable for families to watch entertainment, not too attractive, so I'm addicted to reviewing rating 6/10 guys.

Image – Sound:

 Although the film has quite good harmonization techniques, interestingly recreating the landscape of the Amazon basin, the realism of the context is not high because it still looks like a graphic scene. computer and sitcoms rather than movies. The action and mythology scenes are not very satisfying while the sound of the film is quite lively, even though no music leaves an impression on the viewers. Therefore, I'm addicted to reviewing this section 7/10.


As mentioned above, a huge highlight of Jungle Cruise (2021) is the suitability of the characters' roles. Although the character and construction of the characters in the film seem a bit jovial and childish, it is the grace in the expression as well as the rhythmic juggling of the actors that make the film come to life. more intense. Unfortunately, the supporting actors of the film are a bit lacking in acting and no one left a deep impression in the hearts of the audience. Therefore, I am addicted to reviewing the acting part 7/10.

In summary, Jungle Cruise (2021) is an entertaining movie for families and children to enjoy, especially in the current social distancing season. The film is very ordinary, simple with many absurd fictional details but attracts viewers thanks to the theme of exploration and discovery of the green forest and the acting power of the genuine cast. If you can't travel for too long, you can watch a movie to relieve itchy limbs.