Review movie Peter Rabbit 2: Cute, funny but fictional


Duration: 93 minutes

Directed by: Will Gluck

Actors: Rose Byrne, David Oyelowo, Domhnall Gleeson.

Country: England

Genre: Adventure, Action, Fantasy.

Premiere: 07/2021

With great success when it debuts in 2018, the film Peter Rabbit, adapted from the series of the same name, has been greenlit by filmmakers to produce part 2 and be released in 2021. Part 1 The film ended peacefully when the war between humans and rabbits came to an end and the main characters lived together in peace. So what story will part 2 be about and is it still cute, attractive, and worth watching? Let's review to find the answer through the review of the movie Rabbit Peter 2!


After going through everything in part 1, Thomas McGregor and Bea held a wedding in the presence of relatives and animals on a British farm. Besides, Bea's book about Peter Rabbit and friends suddenly received support from readers and a large London publishing house invited the couple and the rabbits to collaborate. In this city, Peter Rabbit accidentally meets a middle-aged rabbit and quickly feels that his life is his dream. Will Peter Rabbit decide to leave the farm and follow the stranger? Watch the movie to find out.

Similar to the first part, the brightest point of Rabbit Peter 2 is the lovely rabbits and cute animals that always shine in every frame. The characters of the animals in this film are even more depicted, bringing funny and cute details, and at the same time helping the audience forget the simple and somewhat boring content of the movie.

The story of Peter Rabbit 2 is more diverse than part 1 and completely separate from the previous part, so you can rest assured that you will not be disturbed when following if you have not seen the first part. In this new part, the audience will be able to escape from McGregor's farm and adventure to more new lost areas as well as participate in exciting robberies, chases and rescues. Therefore, children, who watch the movie Peter Rabbit 2 will feel very interested and passionate.

The interaction between humans and cartoon characters in Rabbit Peter Rabbit 2 is smooth and fluent, especially there are no scenes that make viewers feel fake or unconvincing in their eyes and expressions. between all the characters. As a result, the film becomes more realistic, lively, and closer to the audience when humans and animals can have a common voice so that we can better understand and love these lovely animals.

Through the film's content, Rabbit Peter 2 wants to highlight the story of family love and friendship with the advice to cherish the loved ones beside us. The film also advises us to always be ourselves, to be confident in ourselves, to put aside selfishness, and to understand others from many different angles. The message of the film is gentle and depending on the age and level of life experience, each person will filter out their meanings.

However, if you compare the whole, the review addict prefers part 1 to part 2 because the content of this latest part is too fanciful with fictional details to create laughter for children. The film lacks persuasiveness in the situation, the way to solve the problem, and the change in the characters' attitudes, so if you are an adult audience, it will be difficult for you to accept and be satisfied with what happens in the movie. movie. After all, part 2 of the movie is no longer for all ages, but simply for children.

Overall, Peter Rabbit 2 possesses a safe storyline and is built with a focus on children. The film possesses quite charming and colorful humorous situations, so the emotional elements and plot twists are not developed. Therefore, from the point of view of the mass audience, the review gives the plot of the movie a 6.5/10.

Image – Sound:

As mentioned above, the visual effects of Peter Rabbit 2 are very good when it comes to bringing an extremely realistic and vivid interaction between people and lovely animals. Although there are still scenes that reveal computer graphics, the overall look of the film is very good, enough to satisfy fastidious audiences. Review addicts also like the movie's music with pop songs that have catchy and interesting tunes, especially suitable for the movie scene. That's why I'm addicted to reviewing this section 8/10 guys.


Itis not enough to say those good graphics bring success to Peter Rabbit 2 because the interaction always comes from 2 dimensions and it is thanks to the great acting ability of real-life actors that bring it to life. motion and realism for movies. Domhnall Gleeson (as McGregor), Rose Byrne (as Bea), David Oyelowo (as Nigel), and other supporting actors have played the role extremely successfully, especially their great solo ability. The animal voice acting is also very good because it helps the audience understand more about the interesting personalities of the animals. The reviewer quite liked this part even though the actors' acting still had something to show for children, so I rate this part 7.5/10.

In summary, Rabbit Peter 2 is an interesting, fun, and entertaining movie as well as extremely suitable for children to enjoy during the current epidemic season. Compared to the first part, the film reduces the authenticity and reality, but in return, the content and story context is expanded with adventures and new lands. The movie is not so excellent, but it will be a refreshing medicine to help you feel more comfortable and love life.