Review the movie Us (2019)


Duration:  116 minutes

Directed by:  Jordan Peele

Actors: Winston Duke, Lupita Nyong'o, Elisabeth Moss.

Country:  USA

Genre: Horror, Fiction, Thriller

Premiere: March 20, 2019

The review addict found it very strange that 90% of the reviews about the movie Us - We (2019) whether at home or abroad praised the film up to the clouds, while my feelings about the movie were like being ignored. confused between a mix of things and trying to be dangerous in the situation. Objectively, in terms of entertainment, the film will be given a very low score, but in general, review addiction will also have some interesting explanations for this controversial film. Come on, let's get addicted to review and explain Us.


 The film follows the Wilson family to the Santa Cruz sea - where his wife Adelaide was lost as a child and suffered a psychological trauma that made it difficult for her to communicate. One night, the Wilson family suddenly discovered that 4 strangers were standing holding hands in front of their house in red clothes, and more strangely, they had the same face as the family members. What is the purpose of these freaks and what will happen to the Wilson family? Let's go to the cinema to see the movie to find out.

Listening to me summarize the story like that, many of you will feel that the plot of the movie is also good and interesting. Yes, Us has a pretty potential script and if it is developed subtly, it will make viewers pee in fear. However, I don't know if it's because I'm too busy, holding 3 main stages at once: Director, producer, and screenwriter that Jordan Peele wasted this unique idea and turned his latest work into horror. No horror, no comedy, and no psychology.

In the first 30 minutes of the film, Us struggled to establish the background of the story and create horror material for viewers, but it was unsuccessful and created a long, boring feeling. It wasn't until the segment of 4 strangers holding hands in front of the house like the review summary above that the movie circuit started to get interesting and the horror was aroused a little. However, only 15 minutes later, the film fell into the middle and towards the end, the horror element completely disappeared.

Not to mention that Us's return to Vietnam was also cut a lot of time for bloody action scenes, so ending the villains in the movie was too sudden and indifferent, so most Vietnamese audiences watching this movie will not satisfied. Besides, the overall movie story looks very objective, lacks logic, and can't explain why it acts like that, so many people after leaving the theater will say the movie is so bad and confusing. . In my opinion, these are the most objective reviews for the film, rather than the winged flattery that we often see recently.

Some say that the film creates a new genre of horror, different from the horror genre like James Wan did. However, for myself, because the film's story is unrealistic and the strangers in the film are not dangerous, it doesn't bring any fear or obsession to viewers. Moreover, the film revolves around the 4 main characters of the Wilson family (with young children), so viewers from the moment they entered the film knew that this family will automatically survive instead of dying like other families, so it also makes the film lacks drama.

The emotional element the movie brings to the viewer is almost nonexistent. The humorous genre is included in the film too much, making the film lose its horror quality, it can even be said to be fake because it does not fit the situation at all. The interaction between family members is not large enough and the emotions they bring from those interactions are very few, so it is difficult for you to shed tears of emotion. Watching this movie, the only thing that viewers have in common is to freeze and find an explanation for what is happening.

Us is so focused on conveying many great messages in the movie that we forget that the plot is the first thing that touches the viewer's taste, so the movie fails right from making the audience like it, not yet. What to say about analyzing the deep meaning in the movie. Although the film deals with a lot of things related to human rights, racism, politics, or religion, few people can feel all of the above. Therefore, right below this review, the review will have a section about the interpretation of the movie Us for you to discuss as if we were analyzing the literature of the old people. Addictive review rate this section 5.5/10.


Jordan Peele continues to use black material in a rather black and dark context to create terror for viewers like in getting Out. Us also has similar images that look quite creepy, but the plot itself destroys the colors of the images above. The action scenes in the film don't look very real, especially the last part of the ballet, which makes viewers feel very disappointed.

The biggest plus point in the movie is probably the harmonious and meaningful color mix in the movie. The American movie scene in the 80s is also reproduced quite well and the Us knows how to choose highly iconic images. Love the review, score 6.5/10 for the movie image part.

Audio :

That's probably the part Us does best. The music of the film is very diverse and enhances the film better than what the plot wants to convey to the viewer. The whistling sound, the pounding drums, or the crisp violin sound makes viewers feel something is unsettling. The combination of African-inspired music with songs from the past decade makes the film more soulful. However, because the content of the film is too vicious, the effect of this part is pulled down as well. Addictive review rating 7.5/10 for this part.


Many reviewers said actress Lupita Nyong'o Oscar winners had a mental screen when acting alone assume the role of Adelaide Wilson and Red 2 is even better than James McAvoy in the film Split or Glass again. However, the reviewer does not see that, the feeling that her acting is still something exaggerated and dramatic, not natural, or takes away the tears of the viewers.

The other characters in the Wilson family also do not leave much impression on the viewers because the script building and developing the personalities of these characters are somewhat fuzzy and inconsistent. It's like being dangerous and dramatic like that, they should be worried and scared to say anything, but these characters just keep saying jokes that have no charm at all. Addictive review rating 6/10 for the acting part.

In short, Us - We (2019) made me quite disappointed because I saw a lot of critics praising the movie as good. If you like movies with a lot of hidden meanings and have a bit of knowledge about American politics and religion, you should ride Us, and if you like an entertaining or horror movie that is true to horror, you definitely should. will shake his head in disgust as he walks out of this movie theater. Thank you for reading this review and if you do not understand the movie's content as well as the hidden meaning in Us, please stay a little longer, read the next part of the Addictive review to explain the movie.