Review of the famous Detective Conan: Red Bullet - Impressively attractive


The return of the young detective Conan makes the followers of this manga extremely excited. More specifically in the famous Detective Conan: Red Bullet (Detective Conan Movie 24: The Scarlet Bullet) there is also the appearance of the handsome FBI guy Akai and his mysterious family.

Review of movie content

The case this time took place at a time when Japan was preparing to open the WSG World Sports Games in Tokyo. This great event was eagerly awaited by the people of the land of the rising sun, but at the same time, the sponsors of the event were kidnapped one after another. Their disappearance is the same as the case in Boston 15 years ago. Therefore, the prominent faces of the FBI were also present in Japan to investigate the truth of the case.

The boy Conan and a group of friends get involved in the case intentionally when one of the investors who hired Detective Mori is investigating the case. At the same time, the rich lady Sonoko gave them tickets to experience the world's first superconducting vacuum tube linear train.

From the beginning of the film, the director has a brief introduction to the characters. So even if you're not a fan of the guy Conan, you can still easily grasp the character lines and understand what's happening on the screen.

Compared to the previous parts, the famous Detective Conan this time reduces stressful situations of deductive reasoning. Instead, the street chase scenes are full of tension and drama. True fans of the series probably won't like this. However, this change is necessary to be more suitable for all audiences.

The screenplay is pretty simple, but there's a lot of physics and science behind it. Thanks to that, the audience finally understood that everything seemed simple, happened by chance. But the reality is that everything has been carefully prepared and calculated precisely every bit.

However, the simple script is also a weak point of the film. For the detective movie genre, if the elements that puzzle viewers are well built and appear with more dense frequency, then it is certain that this film will be much more successful. But anyway, the famous Detective Conan: Red Bullet is still a successful work and received much praise from the audience.

Review of dubbing and subtitles

The translation of Detective Conan: The Red Bullet is handled very well. Physics-related knowledge is explained in detail, using simple and easy-to-understand terms. Thanks to this, the audience can understand the cause of all problems, as well as answer the question of why the characters in the movie have such a way of handling it.

In addition, the movie's subtitles are also integrated with many humorous dialogues. This helps the audience feel happier and more comfortable when watching the movie.

Review of sound and picture

Famous Detective Conan: The red bullet is invested in a huge image. The character's shape keeps all the lines in the manga, so fans of the series can fully understand the roots of each character even if it only appears for a few seconds. The scene in the movie is also handled very well, bringing the movie scenes with impressive, sharp, and vivid colors.

The sound is also appreciated with very real noises. However, the music integration is not good, so it sometimes makes the audience feel emotional while watching the movie.

Famous Detective Conan: The Red Bullet will be a great choice for the audience this holiday season. Especially fans of Conan, don't miss this work.

The film is currently showing at Touch Cinema. Have fun watching movies!