Review of the movie Ainbo: Amazon Warrior


At the beginning of 2021, the animated movie Ainbo: The Amazon Woman (Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon). The movie is a great choice to watch for fun entertainment, but if you have high expectations, you will find that the film still has a lot of holes to do.

Review of movie content

The main character of the film is a young girl Ainbo. She was born and raised in Cand├ímo (in the largest Amazon forest in the world). Although Ainbo always aspires to become a great girl, Ainbo is quite clumsy at shooting arrows and setting traps. But in return, she has enthusiasm, love for the forest and is ready to commit herself to protect what she loves. She is also close friends with Zumi – another young girl who has just given the reins of the entire Cand├ímo region.

On the villain side, the forest demon Acaruna unleashed all the tricks of the dark forces to spread a curse to destroy the Amazon. The Ainbo immediately set out to find a way to rescue. Along with two cute guiding mascots, Dillo and Vaca, young Anibo has encountered many obstacles that test her courage and perseverance.

It sounds like this is another jungle version of a rescue movie with feminist elements embedded in young characters. But the film also embraces a few other messages about family, friendship, and especially a lesson about environmental protection against greed and desire to exploit resources. Cinema ensures that when you see the army of dry, rigid iron and steel machinery entering the Amazon forest to dig and cut down trees, you will feel sorry for that terrible act of people in front of you. Mother Nature has always been gentle and protective of the biosphere.

The film blends wild and modern life, creating spaces between demons - humans - gods. So you will see the world in the movie is very diverse but not too distracting.

Review of sound and picture

Cinemas see the movie's subtitles, so they can't fully appreciate the dubbing outside the theater. But the translation of the movie is quite close to the original language but still quite creative and new, making the audience laugh with funny lines.

Revealing to you, the film also appears the traditional music of the tribe living in the Amazon mountains, so it sounds quite strange and set in the context of sending the deceased to the spiritual realm is still extremely touching.

Graphics in Ainbo cartoons are average. If you are too familiar with the "genuine" graphics of major studios, you will shake your head. Because the film is like being assigned to interns. Although they do well in the typical costumes of the tribe, the movements of the characters are still stiff, the facial expressions are still lacking in vividness. The shape of the green forest, the sky, the background of the furniture is okay, but looking at the water is a disaster. The sea, rivers, and streams do not look unnatural, but it is also narrow, not showing the vastness and immensity of the Amazon.

The film's unfortunate flaws

Perhaps because there are too many messages, the duration is not enough for 90 minutes, so the relationship between the characters is not really deep and the way to solve the problem is still a bit hasty. For example, how sweet was Ainbo and Zumi's friendship in the past, but now it seems so close? Zumi takes on the role of patriarch, but she doesn't look like a leader. She constantly expressed frustration because no one listened to her orders, but she did not exude the qualities of the person with the highest position.

This character-building mistake is also repeated with the heroine Ainbo when she embarks on a journey of experience to grow in both perception and action but relies too much on the help of the gods. Instead of practicing to get better at archery, she only complains about herself, and the decisive arrow shot that allowed her to defeat the demon Acaruna was also thanks to the help of her mother's spirit.

In turn, this journey to adulthood with the side characters seems better. From the gods who look very naive, a little cowardly, and self-deprecating about their physique and abilities, the giant pig Vaca and the skinny turtle Dillo have had spectacular changes. These two characters saved the movie the belly-breaking laughs.

The film deceived the audience at first when thinking that Atok was the main villain. Later, his psychological transformation was also quite hasty to the right side, so he did not convince the audience. Chuni's mother also disappeared as quickly as the wind, leaving the audience unsatisfied with what she showed before her departure.

All of these minuses lie in the fact that the scriptwriter lets the characters talk too much and doesn't give them many situations to show in action. The film violated too much of the "Show, Don't Tell" rule - the typical secret of good movies.

In addition, Cinema is also extremely opposed to details that go against the message of the film. A whole movie aimed at people's awareness of protecting the Amazon forest environment, but right from the beginning, the female lead tried her best to create traps to shoot birds flying in the sky? If the film is set in a primitive time when people were hunting and gathering, then there is nothing to oppose. But the latter part of the film appeared a modern man, just that one small detail made the fastidious viewer a bit offensive.

In short, if you set high expectations for the movie, you will be disappointed. Also generously skipping them and experiencing the movie just for fun and entertainment, this is the best choice of the two animated films that hit theaters this Lunar New Year.

Currently, areas not much affected by the Covid-19 epidemic are still open as normal cinemas, so you can take advantage of your time to enjoy Tet movies and remember to wear a mask, wash your hands thoroughly and keep a distance. Safe for your health. After watching the movie, remember to discuss it with the Cinema.