Review of the movie Skylin3s: The War of Destruction – The End of a Brand


Skylin3s: The War of Destruction has officially launched Vietnamese cinema lovers. The film is the third and final part to close the 10 years of ups and downs of the Skyline brand that made a lot of impressions on the audience.

Review of movie content

Since War of Destruction is the sequel to Sky of Doom (2017), the content is directly related to the previous one. So Touch Cinema recommends that if you can, watch the previous installments to get a better understanding of the events that took place. Although the beginning of the film summarizes the progress of the previous seasons, the short 5 minutes is not enough to help you fully understand both parts with the duration of each episode up to more than 90 minutes.

The war of destruction is set 5 years after the events of season 2 when the aliens on earth have lived in peace with humans. But now it was discovered that there is a new virus that can turn all living things into inanimate killing machines. Earth is in danger of being invaded, once again Rose is summoned to join the task force to carry out the campaign to protect the earth.

The mission of Rose and his teammates is to reach the Irish planet within 72 hours to find the core of the spacecraft. If the mission fails, London will be completely wiped off the map, even the world will be destroyed.

The pacing of the War of Destruction is quite fast, from the summary of the previous content to the development of this part. The audience will see that Rose quickly accepts the actual situation without question, and quickly agrees to participate in the mission even though she is having problems and is not sure if it will meet everyone's expectations or not…. All the other cast members also act very quickly, leading the audience into the adventure in a flash.

The War of Destruction is a sci-fi film, focusing mainly on the battle between humans and aliens. So most of the film's time focuses on the sloppy fighting scenes, so if you expect the movie to have many scenes that delve into the relationships between the characters in the movie, you will be a bit disappointed.

In addition to the epic battle scenes, the War of Destruction also gives the audience a lot of funny situations, giving the audience interesting moments of entertainment.

Review of actors and acting

The war of destruction is a movie that focuses mainly on action elements, so the acting space of the characters is limited. Therefore, it is difficult to accurately assess the acting ability of the cast. In return, they all show impressive, powerful, and decisive action.

Review of sound and picture

The war of destruction possesses a technique that is quite erratic. In many scenes, the cinematography is very beautiful and impressive; but in some scenes, the effects are very fake. Especially in the last scene, the spaceship floating in the sky, if you look at it, it will feel like a photoshopped photo.

The sound section has a few scenes that complement the good image, contributing to making the movie more attractive. However, those scenes are not many.

The film is currently showing at Touch Cinema. Have fun watching movies!