Review of the movie Tom & Jerry: Disturbing New York – good movie but not excellent


You should go to the cinema to watch this film. It won't be missed by anyone who was once a child? Tom & Jerry: Disturbing New York (Tom & Jerry: The Movie) is a relatively great experience of the Cinema at the beginning of the new year. Hopefully, audiences in other localities will also share that feeling with us, when cinemas reopen at the same time.

When the childhood legend returns

Tom and Jerry, instead of chasing each other on the family campus as usual. Now, they meet without an appointment and move to mess with the famous Royal Gate Hotel between New York is bustling.

As you know, the studio wants to keep the original 2D image of the film, so we will have a story that blends traditional drawings and modern contexts. Not only will the audience see Tom and Jerry again with simple but very flexible animation, the audience will see the whole animal world vividly depicted in that way.

Familiar characters also return such as the big, fierce dog that always spans Tom, the red-faced white cat that Tom falls in love with, the wild cats with red and black colors of all kinds, and especially the devil and the devil. with the angel who always quarreled in Tom's mind. They're all too familiar, aren't they, but for longtime fans, it's guaranteed to be a bit disappointing when the characters related to Jerry's mouse family do not reappear in many segments.

The rap scene of the pigeons and the overwhelming appearance of two giant elephants afraid of mice and the king of the jungle with the flirtatious peacocks will also make you laugh non-stop.

Although the animals in the movie cannot communicate in human language, they understand all the words we say and can also write words. Although the cat Tom sometimes has a little spelling mistake.

Back to the main couple, the process of fighting and chasing each other causes the head to recede into the body, then the spinning and fighting vortex will be recreated in the movie. To reveal more for you, the comic descriptions also appear, and repeating the Batman image three times will make you feel the movie is quite modern.

If you are a loyal fan of Tom and Jerry, you will surely smile at this cute and extremely strange friendship, sometimes chasing each other like enemies, sometimes "always together" as soulmates. When both are put in a cage of wild animals and Tom is threatened to "eaten" Jerry himself, guess what, Tom will behave to prove his deep brotherly love? Watching that segment is heartwarming when animals still know how to protect each other, and human beings are too torn apart.

A new breeze for the live-action version

The human image no longer only appears with the projector angle from the calf down like in the animated version anymore, the film has a full line of protagonists and villains with extremely interesting personalities. The girl Kayla or Terrance who manages the event program of the Royal Gate Hotel both have the highlight of being quite clever, always thinking of all sorts of tricks to challenge the opponent, and have interesting hidden truths.

The event that plays the role of promoting the situational lines is the wedding of the richest and most influential couple on social networks, Ben and Preeta. It was thought that there would be a unique wedding, but they had to go through a lot of ups and downs, most of which were caused by the rival couple Tom and Jerry. Will they have enough love and understanding to come to a happy ending like a fairy tale? Watch the movie in theaters to learn more.

However, with a duration of nearly two hours, it seems to be relatively long, but it goes by quickly. It's not because the film is so attractive in a super product that the audience feels that time is fast, but because the distribution of parts in the script is not good. The first part of the introduction is quite lengthy, the knotting part is okay but a bit predictable, and the opening part is too rushed and hasty. The villains return too quickly, the emotional development between Kayla and the bartender Cameron is not deep, making their relationship very dangling.

The acting of the actors is quite average, the audience easily accepts them in that role, but if you imagine another actor to replace it, it probably won't affect much. That means they are not too outstanding with their acting, even Chloë Grace Moretz as Kayla sometimes feels a bit stiff, on par with Liu Yifei in Mulan.

Not just Tom and Jerry's story

With this live-action version, the film has tried to install many meaningful messages for adults, especially young people who are struggling with their careers or confused with the choice of love.

Kayla – a smart and hard-working young woman but does not have a degree and has no experience of working in luxury places. Instant cunning won her a spot at the Royal Gate Hotel. But what comes easy is also easy to slip out of hand. When disaster struck and the secret was revealed, the scene of Kayla dragging her suitcase out of the hotel in the rainy New York sky touched sensitive audiences. How are they supposed to live in such a demanding and challenging city?

After all, all achievements and accumulated experience over the years are just a CV, but without that piece of paper, it is difficult for young people to pass through this life. And throughout the film, Kayla has gradually changed herself, turning her illusory wish into reality, with genuine and kind actions, not from deception and self-interest as the goal. initial.

Similar to Tom, this live-action version has turned the cat's hobby of playing the piano into a real passion. Tom is like a wandering artist who wants to build a music career in a city full of lights. But he suffered again and again, his guitar was broken, and he was bullied by the cats. Accepting the invitation to chase Jerry in the hotel mostly because he thought that if successful, he would buy a soulful piano. Cinema found this version's Tom to have an almost identical preoccupation with Lalaland's Sebastian Wilder.

Lovers Ben and Preeta give viewers a memorable lesson about love. The sacred meaning of the wedding does not lie in the grandeur and show off, they must listen, sympathize and understand each other during the wedding preparation process. Thus, the journey of love, in the long run, will land true happiness. Movies today are taking advantage of the feminist element, although Tom and Jerry have also been kicked into a few images of the position of women, the film has also reserved the acting ground for men. Typically in the case of the groom Ben, he also has his difficulties and pressures. The film deftly defends quite sophisticated men.

Characters representing the underdog include Kayla, Joy, and the fish in the glass jar. They were initially looked down upon and not being properly used according to their capacity or position. There are a few lines that also repeatedly remind that "shouldn't be too discriminatory", but cramming this message is somewhat unnecessary for a movie with the central couple Tom and Jerry. But how to avoid discrimination when there are characters that are immediately counterproductive like the only one who has an uncle to protect is a black man and the person who opened the wedding by smashing the cake is an Asian chef? The more you try to cram adult messages into cartoons, the more negative points are revealed.

In conclusion, Tom & Jerry: Upsetting New York is a movie with good quality but still not a top-notch work. Fans of Tom & Jerry are sometimes even disappointed because the main plot has been spread evenly among the human world with familiar life lessons that are easy to see in many other contemporary films.

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